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Navigating the NVHC Website

We are excited to welcome you to the Northern Valley Health Coalition's website: This website is a living document and resources will be added as information is provided and projects begin. For now, we hope this blog will help you navigate and understand the website's primary pages.


The home page is designed to help you understand how you can get involved with the Northern Valley Health Coalition. As important information is added to the website or blogs, announcements and quick links will be added here.

Get involved

This form indicates to our administrative team that you want to be included in email communication and invited to future meetings. This does not register you with a forum account.

join our mailing list

If you want to stay up to date on blogs and efforts being made by the NVHC but you do not want to register as a member or within the community forum, you may simply join our mailing list to be notified when information is added.

join us on mobile!

For those of you that prefer to use your smartphone over a desktop, there is a mobile app for forum members. This is a simplified version of the discussions and blogs.

join in on the conversation

This is where the magic happens. There are three forums to choose from.

  1. NVHC Members: this is where discussions are had between meetings, ideas are put into motion and members make progress on identified goals. By registering as a member here you will also be invited to future meetings and included in any communication outside of the forum relating to the NVHC efforts.

  2. NVHC Community Voice: this is open to the public and we encourage members to join this forum as well. This is where we will collect feedback and ideas from our community members to help guide the coalition's mission and vision.

  3. NVHC Board of Directors: this is just for board members and will be used for any communication required to retain 501c3 recognition.


This section of the website will continually grow and develop. The idea is to have a list of resources available in each community, separated by the type of resource provided (nutrition, transportation, etc.).


You are here. Blogs are amazing tools to share information with forum members and the general public. If you are interested in writing something for the NVHC's blog, please contact Sierra Winter Smith at to become a content creator. You must be an active NVHC member.


This is where the member forums are located. You can engage in conversations by joining a group or viewing the conversations on the community voice page.


This page will host a community events calendar. We will do our best to keep this up to date with events in the Northern Valley. Community members can also submit an event to be added. Note: events do not have to be specific to healthcare. The goal is to provide a unified resource to know what is happening in the entire northern valley.


As mentioned before, this website is a living resource. We want to continue to enhance the functionality and increase the resources available to our communities. If you have any suggestions they are welcomed. Please email Sierra Winter Smith with your suggestions at


Sierra Winter Smith, President Northern Valley Health Coalition

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