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August Meeting Minutes

Date: August 8th, 2023
Start Time: 10:05 am
Stop Time: 10:59 am
  • Sierra Winter Smith, Ronni Spaulding, Amanda Simpson, Mary Gunderson, Jacqueline Summers, Jessie Downes, Behan Corveau, Melitta White, Jennifer Motes, Amy Gorn, Lisa Boyles, Brenda Sheldon, Erin Aklestad, and Ellen Thea.

  • Sierra opens with a recap of the previous meetings topics and tasks.

  • The team is provided another month to gather resources for the non-profit/task force list.

  • Amy Gorn shares that the Foraker Group is experiencing staff change over and is likely why she hasn't heard back from them yet.

  • Sierra discusses the Community Improvement program to help organizations and non-profits find community volunteer opportunities that align with their personal vision and values.

  • Mary Gunderson brings up the Healthy Mat-Su Program that helps students apply for scholarships.

  • Sierra states that the First Annual Community Celebration for Sunshine Community Health Center is this Saturday, August 12th, from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM and their Talkeetna Clinic is located at 34300 South Talkeetna Spur Road in Talkeetna Alaska.

  • Sierra states that another goal for the NVHC is to add blog resources to the website. She asks subject matter experts to send information that would be beneficial to our northern valley communities in blog format.

Goal 1: Identify nonprofits and task forces that affect our northern valley communities and gather information about them to start a baseline resources page.
  • Team to continue to work on the development of this table.

  • Amy Gorn to forward information from the Foraker Group when/if received.

Next Meeting:

  • Review the list and see if we are missing any major organizations/groups before moving on to create this as a website resource.

Goal 2: Develop a career development program that encourages youth and other community members to apply through the nvhc to receive support on resume building, interviews, etc.
  • Team to continue to think about what this program would look like and consider being a part of a sub-committee that reviews resumes and helps with the interview process.

Next Meeting:

  • No notable action to be taken until Goal 1 is complete.

Round Table:

Melitta White shares information on events/resources impacting the Willow Communities.

  • Willow Friday Market every Friday from 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM < Contact Willow Area Community Organization to be a vendor.

  • Guided Nature Walk Friday the 11th at Newman's Memorial Park at 7:00 PM.

  • Historical meeting at the Willow Community Center (old historic building) Thursday August 10th at 7 PM.

  • Willow CERT Meeting This Thursday, August 10th - Time was not noted.

Melitta also shares that...

  • She is a part of the Homemakers group which is created to support new mothers. Lisa from WIC got contact information from Melitta to collaborate on this idea further.

  • Newman's Memorial Park is looking for donations (items or financial) to continue to make it a family-friendly environment.

Ellen Thea introduces herself to the team and explains her background and current services provided focusing on energy healing, spiritual counselling, and other resources. She announces that she will be at the Community Celebration on August 12th and is excited to be a part of this group for networking.

Amy Gorn announces the Onward and Upward Health Fest at the Palmer Train Station on Sunday, August 13th from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM to thank the healthcare workers that kept working during the pandemic.

Jessie Downs introduces herself to the team and shares that she can help make connections with the State of Alaska for various needs. She shared that she can help other organizations become a Naloxone distributor and she wants to be connected with Linda Oxley from WACO to support the Willow Bike Park's Grand Opening.

Mary talks about the connections made with Su-Valley and reminds members that the Denali Education Center has amazing programs for kids and scholarships to help pay for the programs for qualifying families. She mentions this summer schedule is coming to a close but to be aware of it for next summer.

Lisa Boyles introduces herself to the team and shares that there is a spike in food insecurities and reminds members that a family in need can fill out the SNAP benefits form and receive food for 30 days.

Jacqueline shares that she has really enjoyed this meeting's discussions and shares her goal to increase social service awareness, with a focus on entrepreneurs that impact our communities. She shares...

  • Moms Matter Now || This resource is available in our blogs.

  • PearSuite || || a resource to match client needs to organizations that can meet them. She shares there will be a presentation on September 7th from 1:00-1:30 that will touch more on this service and if anyone wants to be on the email list serve to reach out to her directly.

Erin shares that she will be at the Community Celebration representing Fresh Start and Alaska's Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. She shares that Kyla would like to connect with SCHC and the NVHC to focus on the Opioid Coalition projects. She also continues to share ideas on October being breast cancer awareness month and how we could engage the community in a giveaway/competition. Sierra and Erin will connect outside of this meeting to discuss a social media series and community engagement plan.

Jennifer Motes shares that she did not have issues accessing the Google Sheet for Goal 1 and completed her portion of the project (THANK YOU).

Ronni shares reminders of the Community Celebration and that she will be providing face paint, glitter and kids activities. She brings up the Mobile Mammogram and encourages help to fill their schedules. She shares that SCHC's Board of Director's will have a table at the Community Celebration and that we are actively seeking out new board members. She recognizes National Health Center Week and reminds everyone that Alaska Native's with South Central coverage can be seen at the Talkeetna Clinic with no issues billing insurance but those who wish to visit the Willow clinic will not have the same coverage due to it's proximity to the South Central office.

Sierra Winter Closes with...

  • Mentioning that SCHC will be singing and information sharing at Talkeetna's Live at Five Event on August 11th.

  • A reminder of the Community Celebration on August 12th.

  • Information sharing about the Willow Bike Park's Grand Opening event on August 27th from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Lisa and Jessie Downes both found interest in this event and their information was sent to Linda Oxley with WACO to further collaborate.

  • A reminder of the Mobile Mammogram Dates || Willow on September 18th and Talkeetna on September 19th. September 20th can be opened with enough space filled. Erin asks to include Alaska Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening financial support notes in advertising for this event. She will email Sierra Smith to coordinate.

  • An opportunity for NVHC members to stay online and ask questions about the minutes, agenda, forums, etc. Technical assistance was offered.

Next Meeting Planning:

Date: September 12th, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM

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