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December Meeting Minutes

Date: December 12th, 2023
Start Time: 10:05 am
Stop Time: 10:35 am
  • Sierra Winter Smith

  • Ronni Spaulding

  • Amy Gorn

  • Jennifer Lockhart

  • Jacquelyn Summers

  • Ashley Minaei

  • Melitta White

  • Brenda McCain

  • Duronda Twigg

  • Erin Aklestead


Sierra, board chair, opens the meeting at 10:05AM and informs the attendees to fill out the survey for next year’s meeting time and day. https://www/

Brenda introduces herself as a CERT team member in Willow. She is involved in almost all community events in Willow, Alaska.

Sierra announces that NVHC is planning to have a newsletter monthly. She adds that Sunshine Clinic is going to launch an incentive with themes such as Weight Loss- January. Year 2 of the NVHC is focused on getting the word out about our business’s events and information.

David Richvalsky opens the round table and adds that they are starting on the remodel for the Daycare in Talkeetna, Sunshine Station Childcare Center.

Jacqueline shares the Step Away program, an app developed an app that has been clinically proven to help users decrease or eliminate problem drinking.


Melitta shares that Mary Gunderson is now the board chair for the Sunshine Community Health Center Board of Directors. She adds that the board needs members, if you know anyone looking to be more involved in the community. Sandra Loomis is now a friend of the board, and she is helping with the health shelf at each library in the community, these are shelves that are filled with books that correlate with the incentive for the month.

Brenda shares that the Willow Winter Carnival is coming up on  . Several vendors will be there, and Sunshine is one of them.


Amy announces that the Mat-Su Health Foundation is having the Annual Meeting for their board of directors in Wasilla in the middle of June 2024, you can pay $5 to become a member and share your input on the board of directors, bylaws, and other things the Mat-Su Health Foundation.



  • Everyone complete the survey monkey to determine our 2024 schedule. https://www/

  • Everyone consider content for the NVHC to include on our social media series and community newsletters

  • Sierra market Step Away on NVHC platforms.

  • Jacqueline email Sierra information on Step Away for January Community Newsletter

Next Meeting Planning:

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

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