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February Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/13/2024
Start Time: 10:05 AM
Stop Time: 10:35 AM
  • Sierra Winter Smith, Board Chair

  • Mary Gunderson

  • Ashley Minaei

  • Jessie Downes

  • Linda Oxley

  • Mirium Valentine

  • Mat-Su Health Foundation

Sierra Winter opens by rescheduling Ashley's presentation to June to invite and engage community members.

Sierra reminds everyone of upcoming health fairs and how to register as an exhibitor and/or volunteer.

Sierra shares that hand washing signs are available for businesses on behalf of SCHC and the NVHC.

Sierra shares that at home COVID tests are available. Jessie and Ashley share that you can get them directly from the US Postal Service as well and that delivery was prompt.;

Sierra shares that the NVHC would like to invite guest speakers to train on a topic for the 1st half hour of the NVHC meetings (or in person).

- March || Social Determinants of Health, Ryan Romans - April || WIC Resources with Lisa

- May

- June || Cardiovascular Disease, Men's Health, Take Heart Alaska & The Alaska Diabetes Coalition

- July

- August

- September

- October

- November

- December || Nutrition Training

Jessie shares that Medicaid coverage has expanded and it might be worth scheduling a training to tell Medicaid recipients what they care they qualify for now. Jessie and Sierra will coordinate.

Ashley shares that Take Heart Alaska and the Alaska Diabetes Coalition are having their in-person meeting on April 18th in Anchorage and invite non-profits to come speak about efforts being made.

Linda shares a recap of the Willow Winter Carnival events. Sierra shares that some non-profits are working to create a planning calendar to avoid future event overlap.

Sierra reminds the team of the Cabin Fever Reliever events in Trapper Creek on March 9th. Everyone agrees the Northern Valley is the best place to live, work, and play.

Sierra followed up on a previous agenda item, requesting needs for AA resources in the NV. There are three community-led groups and information is available on Sunshine CHC's event page.

Sierra shares that SCHC, the NVHC, and the Upper Susitna Food Pantry have applied for gardening grant funds from the Alaska Community Foundation to start developing a garden in Talkeetna. Melitta questions Willow and Sierra shares that will be addressed in phase two after more information is gained about Willow's expansion project.

Linda questions a state or federal grant available to individuals to establish homesteading gardens. Jessie offers to share information with Sierra to present back to the team.

Sierra shares the NVHC is attempting to establish an online swag store with design by Artwork by Sierra Winter to start gaining funds for projects/meetings/efforts.

Sierra offers 50% off Artwork by Sierra Winter design fees to any non-profit in need.

Sierra shares that the NVHC has several NV information guides with resources by community and if anyone would like some she can deliver or mail them.

Sierra shares the NVHC board is working to get the NVHC recognized as a 501c3 on a federal level.

Sierra shares the community celebration date of August 10th.

  • Sierra/Jessie coordinate Medicaid Expansion Training.

  • Jessie share individual garden grant information.

  • Sierra reschedule Ashley's training for June.

Next Meeting Planning:

Date: 3/12/24

Time: 10:00 AM

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