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May Meeting Minutes

Date: may 14, 2024
Start Time: 10:05 am
Stop Time: 10:49 am
  • Sierra Winter

  • Amanda Simpson

  • Abigail Vanwormer

  • Glroy Dollerhide

  • Mary Gunderson

  • Brenda McCain

  • Michael Powell

  • Jennifer Lockhart

  • Renee Stangl

  • Cheri

  • Brenda Shelden

  • Linda Oxley

  • Melitta White

  • Ronni Spaulding

  • Patrick Hilton


Sierra Winter, Northern Valley Health Coalition (NVHC) board chair, calls the meeting to order at 10:05AM and suggests new members to introduce themselves to the group.

Presentation Notes:

Patrick Hilton presents on what Gateway to the Arctic is and how it impacts our Northern Valley communities. He explains that the program’s mission to help families thrive through reserving Alaska. He detailed the Gateway to the Arctic website and explains that their goal is to create an environment where people can get together through agriculture and community. 

  • “Embrace the Sabbath” is a retreat that is to rejuvenate and nourish the soul.

  • Day Camp for children, they plan to host 2 this summer.

  • Kids day camp – June 17th-19th 

  • 5K Mud Run Fundraiser – July 6th 

  • Kids Day Camp – July 15th 

  • Summer Fest- July 27th 

Melitta shares the resource Cooperative Extension Services, they are out of the UAF offices in Palmer and Anchorage and can provide trainings on how to can and preserve foods.

Brenda McCain confirms the location of these offices and that they've had resources come teach in Willow befofre.

Mary Gunderson shares the Special Olympics group in Wasilla and a potential playground as ways GW2A could connect with the communities more.

Sierra Winter asks about non-profit discounts for rentals (confirmed) and for more information on how the garden harvest is distributed throughout the community.

Sierra Winter proceeds to go through NVHC agenda.

Northern Valley Health Coalition (NVHC) Updates

·        We are in need of a vice president!

·        Community newsletter sending monthly.

·        Website revamped; feedback appreciated.

·        Please remind those in your communities that these meetings are open to the public and full of great resources/conversations.

NVHC Meeting Schedule

·        June || State of Alaska || Men's Health & Cardiovascular Disease

·        July || Alaska Dementia Action Collaboration PENDING

·        August || Denali Education Center

·        September || Links Resource Center

·        October || EMPTY SPOT

·        November || EMPTY SPOT

·        December || Nutrition with Duronda Twigg, CNO, RN, SCHC

Sunshine (SCHC) Updates

·        Equipment Grant || Signatures of Support

·        100 Miles in May || Join Now!

·        Mobile Unit || On the way!

·        Offsite Vaccine Clinics || Ideas to collaborate?

·        Community Celebration || Planning & Outreach starting soon!

Community Celebration (SCHC)

·        Vendor email being sent soon!

·        Looking to combine Back to School Efforts.

·        August 10th - save the date!

Community Events May - July

·        May 18th Community Baby Shower DEC/Rock Mat-Su

·        May 18th Safety Expo NV Community CERT Teams

·        May 21st - 23rd Women's Clinic at Sunshine (FREE GIFT)

·        May 22nd WIC at SCHC 12:00 PM Nutrition Class

·        May 23rd WIC at SCHC

·        May 23rd 1:00 PM Empowered Breast Feeding Class

·        May 25th 

·        June 1st Willow Bike Park Grand Opening

·        June 3rd Sunshine at McKinley Princess

·        June 6th McKinley Real Estate Blood Drive

·        June 10th Men's Health & Cardiovascular Disease NVHC Meeting

·        June 11th & 12th Men's Clinic at SCHC

·        June 27th Links Resource Fair

·        July 4th Northern Valley Community Events/Parades

·        July 9th & 10th Memory & Dementia Clinic at SCHC

Next Meeting Planning:

Date: June 11th

Time: 10:00 AM

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