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November Meeting Minutes 2023

Date: 11/14/2023
Start Time: 10:05 AM
Stop Time: 10:40 AM
  • Sierra Winter

  • Mary Gunderson

  • Sandra Loomis

  • Joshua Gilmore

  • Amanda Simpson

  • Ronni Spaulding

  • Denise Henderickson

  • Ashley Minaei

  • Jennifer Lockhard

  • Linda Oxley

  • Jacqueline Summers

  • Kim

  • Brenda Shelden


Sierra Winter, board chair, opens the meeting at 10:05 AM and reminds NVHC members to submit their votes for the breast cancer awareness door décor contest.

Linda Oxley brought up that the Willow Community is working on getting an indoor recreation center by the new Newman Park in Willow. The goal is to have an indoor and outdoor area that the Northern Valley community can enjoy. Sierra and Linda agree that it would be beneficial to have Sam Newman join the group to inform the coalition of the updates and exact plans with the expansion of Newman Park in Willow.

Jacqueline Summers announces the application Cost Plus Drugs that can help family members and care assistants get medications at a discounted price for Seniors.

Sierra states that there is no mission statement for NVHC currently, she describes the complexity of the group and informs the members that the mission statement will be the main topic for the coalition for 2024.

Sierra explains to Valley members that KTNA is a wonderful communication tool to get events and information out to the Northern Valley population, there is currently no newspaper for the Northern Valley, but the People’s Paper has become a popular resource in both Willow and the Valley.

November 14th and 15th is the women’s clinic at Sunshine Clinic, coupons for local businesses such as Northbound Fitness and others along with a Sunshine Clinic headband will be gifted to our women exam patients.

Joshua brought up that Ryan Romans, SCHC Care Manager, will make another appearance to the NVHC meeting and provide a presentation about social determinants of health in 2024.

Sierra states that feedback for the NVHC website is still appreciated and needed, the goal of the website is to have NVHC and community members access information they need, e.g. kids section, parents, etc.

Joshua Gilmore shares that Sunshine clinic’s funding and efforts to expand the clinics to make more room available for more patients is coming up in the Summer of 2024. The mobile clinic unit has been ordered and is expected to be here in the Northern Valley by Spring of 2024. The mobile clinic is expected to provide on the road services such as teeth cleanings and other much needed services in the Northern Valley.

Linda Oxley shares that there are a few free vendor tables still for the Willow Winter Carnival, this is a wonderful event for Northern Valley members and town members as well to see what all Willow community offers.

  • ALL MEMBERS please go vote on the Breast Cancer Awareness promotion by the end of TODAY (11/14/23):

  • ALL MEMBERS please let us know your 2024 meeting recurrence preferences to we can plan meeting times that allow for more participation:

  • ALL MEMBERS think about what topics we should focus on in 2024. Does your organization want to present to the northern valley communities? Let's schedule something!

Next Meeting Planning:

Date: 12/12/2023

Time: 10:00 AM

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