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June Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Date: 6-13-2023
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Stop Time: 10:54 AM
  • Sierra Winter Smith, NVHC Board President and SCHC Community Relations Manager

  • Ronni Spaulding, NVHC Member & SCHC CEO Assistant

  • Amanda Simpson, NVHC Board Treasure

  • Brenda Shelden

  • Jenn Brandt

  • Danielle Reed

  • Mary Gunderson



  • Sierra, BOD president, opens the meeting with a round table where each member introduces themselves.

  • Mary Gunderson introduces herself as an SCHC BOD member.

  • Jenn Brandt is from United Way of America

  • Dani Reed is from the Mat-Su Health Foundation that helps serve our whole area

  • Amanda works for SCHC and she is a treasurer.

  • Ronni introduces herself as the EA of Sunshine and states she assists all others.

  • Brenda Sheldon is the ED for Mat Su Council on Aging.

Sierra Smith informs the coalition of the website and how to use it. Jenn Brandt questions the posting permission, Sierra shares that you can request to post something on the Event Submission on the Events page where the calendar is. This is for information on what is going on with the Northern Valley. Sierra shares that the focus of today’s meeting is to see where we want to go and start off with. Sierra wanted to gather a community survey to see who is working on what so we cannot overstep others but unify and amplify the work that is already going on. Jenn Brandt states that it would be a great idea to gather information from the Mat Su Health Foundation needs assessment, Connect Mat Su, and United Way of Anchorage for 211 lines, a report on who is calling where.

Sierra questions if anyone knows where to find the Non-profit organizations, the team assures that can be found on the State of Alaska license for nonprofits. Sierra shares that she would like to make it more personal and have volunteers reach out to certain points of contact. Jenn Brandt does a lot of tables and she would be willing to pass out the NVHC information guides.

Dani mentions that something she did for the community needs assessment, they did a community meeting and it helped inform the community what we are doing.

Ronni mentions that the Fireweed Festival is in need of musician for 2pm on July 22nd-23rd.

Dani and Jenn Brandt share the radio shows that Houston are 89.7 in Palmer and Wasilla, 89.5 Sutton, 88.3 Chickaloon & Glacier View.

Sierra shares the idea of the seniors to have a nonprofit assigned to them that fits with their goals. Mary Gunderson states they are working on getting more information out to Seniors so they can apply to the scholarship.

Dani shares the resource of “Spirit of Youth”.

Sierra discusses making the action movie trailer and making a fun interactive assembly at Su Valley High School.

The team discusses northern valley events and other items for note.

Goal 1: Identity what non-profit organizations exist in the northern valley and see what is already being worked on.
  • Sierra Winter will gather the list of non-profits from the MSB and SOA websites and post it in the community forum to see who can help contact these organizations to learn what they are actively working on and how we could support them.

  • Sierra Winter will create a list of non-profits on the NVHC website and generate a flyer/handout for the team to review with this list. If funding is available, some will be ordered and can be mailed to members who are willing to help information share in their community sectors.

  • Sierra Winter will create a social media post to share information on the Fireweed Festival and the Summer Softball Schedule for Trapper Creek.

  • Sierra Winter to send a list of musicians to Ronni and Debbi from the Fireweed Festival to fill the 2:00 PM spot and post on social media to engage.

  • Sierra Winter will follow up with SCHC's care manager to determine trends in the 100+ SDOH referrals generated from our pilot program.

  • Sierra Winter will share exhibitor information with the member forum for vendors to attend events in our area.

  • Jen Brandt will identify a report from the 211 phone line to determine needs in the northern valley to help guide the NVHC's direction.

Goal 2: Develop a youth-focused program that helps educate su-valley seniors on non-profits in our area and career development.
  • Sierra Winter to post this idea in the member forum and call for support/project leads.

  • NVHC Member to research what the Spirit of Youth program offers and learn how we can collaborate.

  • Brenda Sheldon to share information on the programs in existence and see how we can collaborate/piggyback off this idea.

please comment below if you would like to add to these meeting notes. see you next month for our next virtual meeting and thank you for engaging in the member forum in the interim.

Navigating the NVHC website:

Next Meeting Planning/Assignments

Date: 7-11-2023

Time: 10:00 AM

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