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Sunshine Community Health Center is striving to expand resources and services to our Northern Valley community members. As we all know, housing is limited in our communities and it is sometimes difficult to recruit employees, host specialty services, and train healthcare students due to the lack of housing. A significant housing shortage in the Northern Valley communities presents considerable challenges for filling and retaining critical positions for healthcare professionals, educators, and public safety officers. When these positions go unfilled, the well-being of our communities is negatively impacted. Increasing access to professional housing is an effective solution for addressing workforce shortages in our Northern Valley communities.  

Our organization is working towards expanding our Talkeetna Clinic property, located at 34300 South Talkeetna Spur Road, to include a Provider Housing unit by requesting project funds from the Denali Commission. This housing would be used in collaboration with our local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Susitna Valley High School to house specialty providers, students, shadowing providers, new hires who begin work with our organization and are searching for permanent housing, and other needs identified to support the services provided by Sunshine Community Health Center, and ultimately, your health outcomes. We are asking community members to sign this petition in support of Sunshine Community Health Center's Rural Professional Housing grant application. This petition verifies that the individuals and businesses agree with the value of this endeavor. Please visit to sign on behalf of your organization, business, or agency and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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